Saturday, December 1, 2012

Random cool old DCU Suicide Squad fan art

I just really wanted to have something posted here for the first of the month so I russled up some cool fan art of some of the Squad members from the old DCU. The Deadshot/Batman piece is by Bob Haynes, Count Vertigo is by Jeremy Haun, Captain Boomerang is by Ransom Getty. My apologies to Try Worrell who's Bronze Tiger I added some color to. It looked good on it's own as a simple line drawing but next to these colored renderings it needed a little something extra. Doesn't BT look like he's yelling "waassuuuuup!" just like back when that was a pop culture catch phrase for about 15 minutes?
Also wanted to say I spoke to Dale Bagwell (Mr. Morbid's House of Fun blog) on the phone for the first time. We had a good time bullshitting on the phone  it's nice to be able to put a voice with the faces and blogs for a change. Also wanted to give you guys a heads up on a Suicide Squad #14 review. Even if you're not picking up this book this guy knows how to keep you in the loop on what's going on while having you crack up with his uncensored sarcasm:


  1. The Deashot/Batman is a really good idea of how a good fight scene between the two of them could go. The Batman Red Hood intro fight is what this reminds me of.

    The Vertigo is really nice and the Boomerang is the art style closest to what I like in a comic. And of course my man BT is always a good addition to any media.

  2. Oh noz!!!! You just committed a cardinal sin and revealed my real name!!!!!! Now I'm gonna' have to silence forever with my 45. fool! LOL:)

    No, it's cool, and it was cool putting a voice to the your blog as well. Now I gotta' get Omega in on this, and then maybe one day Dan too.

    That Deadshot/Batman pic really is cool as hell, and like Omega commented, that's a pretty good depiction of how that would go.

    Loving the Boomerang art, as it reminds me of the art Carlos Barberi and Salvador Larocca.

  3. Sorry meant to type silence you forever. Stupid fingers:(

  4. Dale, at this rate someone else might end up beating you to it as far as silencing me. i'm pretty sure there's a number of contracts out on me already :)

    OA1, yeah i really like this latest round of art work i've posted. Boomerang's hands are the same size as his head which makes them a bit out of proportion but it's other wise a good rendering too.

    the Suicide Squad #14 review was a fun read but between that and finding this Ostrander era Squad art it really makes me miss the good ol days of the old DCU. i might go to my local shop today to see what i can find in the back issue bins.

  5. I am still picking the book, and personaly think is is now quite better than the first 10 or so issues.
    I like everything you posted but (And this time it isn't because it's Boomerang) Boomerang looks amazing! I'd love to see more of it in comics.

    1. wouldn't we all Aliera. and God forbid also a debut for BT in the new DCU as well. glad you're enjoying that book Aliera but for me that blighter adam glass just ain't doin the job proper like John Ostrander did. as a writer Ostrander was a right smooth bloke. a bleedn shame DC chucked it all with their reboot.