Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tiger & Vixen "The untold story" (new fan art!)

My PhotoHey folks check out the fan art this lovely young lady from Trinidad & Tobago came up with. I would have loved to have read a story about two characters having achieved some sense of normalcy back in the old DCU so this concept is a real gem. From the artist's own words about this fan art:


  1. Great quick strike Shlomo. This is a gem old DCU or new. Which I think the new DCU needs it more. Ben and Mari has such a complicated relationship and an unbreakable bond how could this not be comics power couple.?. SoDae right

    Peter and mary Jane
    Clark and Lois
    T'Challa and Ororo
    Scott and Jean
    Olie and Dinah

    Ben and Mari should be in that company of love stories. It's new it's fresh is a romantic action film waiting to happen.

    Back to what's real. This art work. It's nice, it tells a story, it ask the viewer some questions it sets the viewer right in the middle of a feel good moment. This is so on point.

    1. yeah this is the kind of stuff i want to read and care about when it comes to the DCU. not just the Suicide Squad reboot but eventually everything else i was picking up from the relaunch just ended being stories i didn't care about. it's been almost a year and a half now you'd think DC could finally introduce BT now much less intimate any sort of upcoming relationship between him and Mari. the relaunch just doesn't feel like it's stuff that was written for people like me.

    2. Man...I feel your pain. I tried to read most of the new 52 issues and like you it's not one story that I care about. Thought it was going to be the Others saga or the Court of Owls. They just didn't do what they should have.

      I think Adam is doing a good job remaking and reintroducing the Suicide Squad to a new audience. Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of things I wish he would do different but he has put em on the map. It's just not our team.

      That's why we need a seperate TaskForceX team. Our guys, an independent or rogue squad that feels a little more like John.

      And we definitely need a Bronze Tiger series. I've said it a thousand times. He has all the elements for his own book.
      Original origin
      member of 2or3 different teams
      supporting characters
      A list Villain
      a strong character foundation that in the hands of a Grant Morrison could become a fully realized martial arts super spy.

      I've been holding on to the DCU in hopes for these things + Black Manta. Now that Marvel has remixed things I might drop every DC book except Suicide Squad, Aquaman and Justice League.

    3. my advice, drop all those 52 titles and use that money to be Suicide Squad and related back issues from the old DCU you don't have yet. besides, it's easy enough to keep up with what's going on in the relaunch with all the online previews and reviewers. the tessatechaitea does nothing but reviews of relaunch title and their pretty detailed and thorough with lots of clip art.

  2. I think this is the problem: DC, and Marvel to some extent, doesn't care about war horses like us anymore. They figure they've got us. They want new blood. And they figure they need to "revamp" and "renew" the brands with fresh series and storylines that aren't bogged down with a bunch of history that needs to be explained.
    The problem with this: It's really starting to piss off everyone who grandfathered in to comics reading backissues bought by their parents.
    I love this art. And I really wish it was an actual book. I was excited for a couple seconds, and then read the print. *sigh*