Thursday, August 18, 2011

Countdown 22: Trickster, in the line of Deadshot's fire

So before I start to talk about this issue I want to remind everybody that the events in Gotham Underground lead right up to DC's Countdown (to Final Crisis) series. Also, right before I found this issue in a $1 bin I had flipped through a Countdown TPB in which we see Trickster and Pied Piper having managed to elude the Suicide Squad a couple of times already. Each time it seemed to piss Deadshot off more and more. Well eventually Deadshot catches up to them on his own after they decide to stow away on a train. Despite having surprise on his side Trickster and Pied Piper manage to stay out of Deadshots line of fire by using every trick in the book when it comes to distractions and surprise attacks. With his patience coming to it's whit's end he gets a call from Waller who is not at all pleased with his unauthorized solo mission. And as you can read here in the clip art the conversation was somewhat less then cordial. Be sure to magnify the clip art for easier reading.
So as you can see that went well (yes a wee bit sarcastic). Can you just picture how Waller must have been like on the other end of that line? Probably threw the phone or whatever communication device she was using out the nearest window provided it wasn't something that was bolted down or really really heavy. Deadshot catches up to the duo again and a skirmish breaks out in which they manage to throw Deadshot out an open door. But he gets a hold of Trickster's cape and drags him out too. Thinking Trickster is out of it Deadshot attempts to give Piper a "parting shot" but Trickster despite having been dragged on the ground leaps to Piper's defense and in the line of fire.
Countdown 22 came out in November of 2007 with Salvation Run #2 coming out just a few months later in early 2008. I mention this because as you all should know by now that Salvation Run #2 is where Waller and Flag trick Deadshot into exile (along with Bane) to the prison planet for being too "unstable" Of course he eventually escapes the planet thanks to Lex Luther's ingenuity and later become part of the Secret Six. And in the Suicide Squad Secret Six crossover in Blackest Night (2010) Deadshot puts a bullet next to Waller's heart (yes folks she really has a heart) which again begs the question how the fuck does Deadshot manage to fine himself with The Suicide Squad again? This is one of my biggest fears about the reboot is that he'll just be back with Task Force X with out any explanation. I know the reboot is suppose to be about new directions for these titles but history like that can't just simply be dismissed.


  1. never have more eloquent words been spoken Dale. epsecially on my blogs. Dale, did you see my reply to the comment you left on the Gotham Underground posting?

  2. I hated him for so long for this.
    Actually only this blog made me start liking him a bit, since then.

  3. I must be sleappy yet.
    When I read "She really has one" I tought you were writing about the bullet.

  4. yeah it seemed like Deadshot got overly vindictive with these guys who certainly were not the most deadly or evil villains in the DC Universe. which in turn makes Waller and Flag look not quite so cold blooded for what the did to him in Salvation Run #2.
    i went ahead and changed the wording as to not cause any more confusion for people out there who are sleep deprived or maybe hung over :)

  5. Hey Dave I did. Sorry for not responding earlier.
    BTW, and this is just some wishful speculation/thinking, what if by some chance in the new DCU, Trickster's reborn. For some weird reason he runs into Deadshot and the SS. Upon seeing Deadshot, he has some weird deja vu/memory displacement thing, and "remembers" Deadshot hunting him down and killing him. It's all very vague, but enough to make Trickster go ape-shit on Deadshot. Now how will Deadshot respond to someone who isn't running from him like usual, but coming after him. What happens when a trickster delves into his whole bag of tricks for Deadshot?
    Just wishing....

  6. hey Dale welcome back. i can easily answer your question my friend. Deadshot will deal with him like he deals with everyone else who's ever come after him. check out this older posting:

  7. Trickster, the poor dear wouldn´t go after Deadshot, specialy if he remembers anything.
    He and the pied piper were on the run for the murder of Bart Allen, in which they even were not guilty at all.
    Very tragic and before Deadshot killing him, very funny.
    Trickster even was an FBI agent for a time and certainly wasn't a capital V villain. Just a thief.
    The Pied Piper was reformed an just got all tangled in this mess, because Darkseid saw him as a great power (Which is kind of is) an wanted to hone him.
    Dave, I don't drink much, but thank you for your care :)

  8. Sorry, but I had to post this Dave. I just bought Catman from the Batman Legacy line at my local K-Mart of all places! Sadly I know have only 2 members of the SS w/ Bane's right arm. Still stoked to have these 2 bad-ass guys, so let the bromance begin!

    I think I'm even going to post on my blog some pics.

  9. -To Aliera, Trickster's no pussy; Sure he'd be smart about it, but he'd go after Deadshot if the opportunity presented itself. If he has the balls to go after the Flash w/ no powers just fancy gadgets, he can go after Deadshot just the same. Of course he'd be smart enough to bring back-up/fodder though.

  10. I didn't meant he is/was a pussy!
    I love my rogues! :D
    Those two plus Boomerang on the top of the list.
    It's just that I think of him more as a thieve than a murderer. Doesn't mean, that if he had a chance on pay-back he wouldn't take it. I just don't see him chasing Deadshot to get that oportunity.

  11. Dale, your always welcomed to leave comments here as long as you acknowledge me as your lord and savior.

  12. Ha! How about Rabbi David H, that seems to have a nice ring to it...or Suicide Dave! That's even better.

    Aliera, didn't mean to come off mean. You're right that Trickster's more of a thieve than killer, but he is still a villain, remember that. He's no push-over, even though I honestly see Deadshot taking him out...again!

  13. And that, my dear, is a shame....