Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Gentlemen prefer blonds", but I prefer my women to be from the Suicide Squad

I've been meaning to get around to doing a post for all the Squad ladies both good and bad I hadn't been able to cover yet on this blog. First we start off with Vixen. There's just not enough good things I can say about this rising star in the DC Universe. All I can say is that Bronze Tiger was a real idiot to not ever have closed the deal with her during Vixen's run in the pages of the Suicide Squad. It's hard to say if Vixen will ever get a live action appearance in the future like Amanda Waller in the upcoming Green Lantern film. Ironically Angela Bassett would be my first pick to play her. I've always admired and loved that super cut body that Bassett has and if you don't know what I'm talking about check out "Whats Love Got To Do With It". Vixen is one woman Ike Turner better think twice about before he raises his fist. But rather we ever get to see her "in person" there certainly has been no shortage of her in the pages of the JLA in recent years (looking better then ever I might add) and also in the Justice League cartoon which handled her character really well. As one of the few non-convict members of the Suicide Squad Vixen often played a leadership role on missions but eventually left the squad largely because of her differences with Waller (gee what a surprise) and the drama between her and Bronze Tiger.

Night Shade (Eve Eden) has been with the team since the beginning and has been a regular all the way to the "end". She possessed various supernatural shadow powers among which were what I can only describe as creating mystical worm holes which allowed the squad to travel from one place to another instantly. This was especially important when it came to needing quick get aways. Ive always found Night Shade to be a more likable then interesting character per se. But there's no doubt she played a key role on the squad both on missions and as a pseudo-love interest for Rick Flag. Also a non convict member like Vixen, she too had her differences with Waller but ultimately chose to continued working with her.

I'm sure you all know by now about the tragic assault on Barbara Gordon at the hands of The Joker that left her in wheel chair as told in "A Killing Joke". Which happens to be one of the all time best Batman stories ever told written by Allan Moore & penciled by Brian Bolland. Due to her disability Gordon turned to fighting crime in the streets to fighting crime in cyberspace. She first started to assist the squad anonymously under the hacker name of Oracle. But that led to a psychotic tech. enhanced killer (Cliff Carmichael a.ka. the "Thinker", more on that bugger later) tracking her down and nearly finishing her off if not for the timely intervention of Amanda Waller herself. That led to her having had a new sense of purpose by joining the squad as the HQ coordinator in field operations and in general as all around i.t. support.

And moving on to another beautiful red head but this time one of a more sinister nature Poison Ivy. Ivy is a walking poison and toxins factory that includes chemicals that kill, or subject the victim to mind control. To be honest the Poison Ivy character has never been much more then eye candy for me but in the pages of the Suicide Squad she has had her moments. This scene from the "surprise vacation" the squad goes on to Apocalypse compliments of their concierge Lashina. Poison Ivy is one gal you don't want to rub the wrong way.

Now here is a squad member that has been with the team since the beginning. And by beginning I'm talking about the Suicide Squad appearance in the pages of John Byrne's Legends. The Enchantress is a supernatural being that must use a human host when on Earth much like Thor with Donald Blake. With an awesome array of magical powers and a mean spirited f&*% every body attitude she's just as likely to turn on her "team mates" as on whom ever the squad is fighting against. But we've seen that a skull grazed bullet (Deadshot) or a well applied vulcan nerve pinch (Bronze Tiger) seems to work wonders with getting her back under control. At least for a while anyways.


  1. Bassett would be awesome as Vixen.

  2. What? No Spellbinder II?!

    I'm totally kidding.

  3. Anything with more Vixen has to be a good move. Love that scene with Oracle too - always thought that was a bit of a one-sided event in the old days.

    What DCU ladies that aren't on the Squad, should be? Silver Banshee springs to mind for one...

  4. How about Bombshell? She's always skirted the line between good and bad.

  5. Samax, what can i say great minds think alike.

    Dan, again, great minds think alike because i specifically picked that clip art for Gordon because i really liked the dynamics of that aspect of the "inter-Bat relationships".

    in regards to the Spellbinder II and Bombshell thing i'm out of my element but it was still good to hear from you both.

  6. Just dig some old Shadow pact issues to see how Nightshade and the Enchantress evolved.
    Enchantress used to annoy me. Too much craziness, even for the squad standards.