Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Jihad. How art imitates life part 2

Of course you all remember these sons of bitches from issue #1. Taking down The Jihad was the first mission for the Suicide Squad officially known as Task Force X. Back when I first got this book back in 1987 (A.D.) I was in my mid teens. Like most people I didn't know what the word jihad meant nor did I know that this issue would almost be prophetic at the time.
Fast forward about 13 years. For those people who still didn't know what that word meant they would soon after the morning of September 11, 2001. In the Suicide Squad the Jihad were super powered mercenaries who were carrying out acts of terror for anti-western governments that were also state sponsors of terrorism. A scary concept for sure, but not as scary as these same tyrannical governments having even more powerful weapons at their disposal in the real world.
Not too far from reality unfortunately when you think about. Between political correctness, liberal fascism and the revenue generated by the flow of Middle East oil the real world might not look too different from the fictional world of the Suicide Squad some day. It's just more likely the before mentioned weapons would more likely be something along the lines of nukes instead of super powered beings. And sadly one only has to watch the news to see if we woke up one day in a world like that there's no Amanda Waller, Rick Flag or even Jack Bauer to save the day.

Coming up this weekend: I know I've already posted about some ( Waller, Plastique and Lashina) but I've also got a who's who on the way of other prominent good girls and bad girls who have served with the Suicide Squad and what makes them cool.


  1. It is very scary that the world can mimic so closely what once used to be so outlandish it was considered fodder for comic books.

    That's it. I'm going to be Jack Bauer. I start my training Monday.

  2. welcome back randomnerd, it just wasn't the same here with out ya ;)

  3. yeah it's too bad we don't have a Suicide Squad and Amanda Waller in the real world.