Friday, November 5, 2010

Mistress Lashina gives a whole new meaning to the term "bitch slapped"

No matter how much of a fetish you might have for being dominated or for pain, I can all but promise you getting worked over by the metal ribbon wielding Lashina is probably gonna feel anything but good. If you recall Lashina was a member of Darkside's Female Furies who busted into Belle Reeve (issue#3) which was the Suicide Squad's HQ at the time to retrieve Gilbert . . .er I mean "Glorious Godfrey" for the Lord of Apocalypse, Darkside. I hate to admit it but they kicked the Squad's collective asses even though their exit strategy didn't quite work out for all of em. An act of treachery on the part of another Fury as they entered the boom tube caused some sort of energy discharge explosion which launched Lashina like a bottle rocket deep into the swamp. Later it would be made known to the readers that she shows up at Belle Reeve again decked out in a G.I. Jane out fit and with a case of "amnesia" and a Squad member (slipknot) who'd had had his arm blown off.
So, despite her suspicions Waller decides to make use of the now nicknamed Duchness as a member of the Squad. And over much of the series Duchess would prove to be quite an effective team member by among other things handing the psychotic power house Major Force a serious and much deserved beat down during the Janus Directive: But in time we would find that unlike Plastique there would be no redemption for Lashina a.k.a Duchess who we would come to discover was faking her amnesia for at least part of the time. She would later end up kidnapping many Squad members and taking them to Apocalypse as cannon fodder in an attempt to reclaim her place as leader of the Female Furies which she has to do by fighting her way back into. This was all told in what turned out to be basically a 4 issue mini series within the regular monthly series starting out with the ingeniously named cover of #33, "Apocalypse Now". These were by the way among some of the best issues in the series with all hell breaking loose and it all culminating into a great and yet disastrous ending in typical Suicide Squad fashion.

Now I've been having so much fun with this whole Suicide Squad casting call thing I decided to go for it again by electing the lovely Julie Caitlin Brown for the role of Lashina. I actually saw her in person at a Comic Con in Oakland California many years ago. She has made appearances in several Star Trek TNG episodes as well as DS9 and was a semi regular ( Na'toth, a Narn) on Babylon 5. Now at this point being in her late 40's she may be a bit up there for playing the role of Lashina but as you can see this nearly 6 ft brunette bombshell other wise would make one hell of a leader for the Female Furies. Especially since Lashina was the only good looking one of the group. Stompa, Mad Harriet and Burnedeath were all butt ugly! If you don't recognize her that's because pretty much all her past acting roles has her playing some sort of alien. Do a google images search of the actress and you'll see what I'm talking about.


  1. I love Lashina/Duchess. And this trip down memory lane makes me realize how much I loved Karl Kesel's work on that series.

  2. Lashina was awesome - especially when the team tripped through to Apokolips... that was intense.

    Nice choice on the casting too!

  3. Yes! Great choice on the casting! And as an avid B5 watcher I can say assuredly that she was the ONLY good looking Narn in the whole show! And at age 40, I'm sure she could still pull it off. Okay. You've convinced me. Now I'm going to have to go find some back issues.

  4. if you didn't live 2000 miles from me Randomnerd i'd happily loan you my Suicide Squad collection. of course you'd have to leave a security deposit but that's beside the point. but at least you and the legion of followers (yeah right!)of this blog can be assured that new postings much like this one are on their way soon for your reading pleasure.
    as for the Lashina/Duchess run in the pages of the Suicide Squad i like to think of her as that ex-girlfriend i had a blast with back in the day even though new it wasn't meant to be in the long run.