Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kobra kills Ravan or Ravan Kills Kobra? Is it too much to ask for both? How art imitates life part 1

If the Ku Klux Klan and the Taliban were having some sort of blood feud who would you want to win? A pretty tough call huh? Because the ideal scenario is for them to some how manage to kill each other at the same time and do the world a favor. Well that's kinda the pickle I found myself in when it finally came down to this show down between Kobra and Ravan. Kobra, the "Avatar of the age of Chaos" is a great DC villain whom I think of as being something between a James Bond villain and Charles Mansion. He had the whole snake cult thing going on but with a powerful global network to back it up. He is wanted by Interpol and is considered to be extremely dangerous do not try to apprehend him yourself (see side bar Interpol notice). And then there's the former Jihad member (terrorists for hire team) turned Suicide Squad recruit Ravan. He was a Thugee, who among other hobbies killed random people in order to delay the coming of the Indian goddess of death Kali by 1000 years each murder at a time. Now what I find rather interesting about all
this is that Ravan regards Kobra as being his natural enemy much like how Christians would regard the anti-Christ. This also odd to me seeing as they are both homicidal psychotic religious fanatics that enjoy their "work" way too much.
During a Squad mission in Israel Ravan goes awol in order to pursue Kobra who just recently managed to trick an Israeli artificial computer intelligence security network (Dybuk) into letting him out of jail. Ravan finds Kobra shortly there after and before you know it it's on! Now some of you might be saying " hey that's pretty cool, I love this comic book stuff". However this is not just simply the thing of comic book fiction it would seem. Part of this Squad story in Israel involved a plan Kobra was hatching to also trick Dybuk into over riding Israeli jet fighters and using them to blow up the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem as a way to usher in the "Age of Chaos". Not too much of a stretch when you think about it. Remember how all Hell broke loose through out the Muslim world when that Danish cartoon came out? Well, the Dome of the Rock which is an 800 year old copper domed mosque is the 3rd holiest site to Islam. Although it'll probably be coming in at #4 after the mega mos . . . I mean interfaith community center next to ground zero is finally completed. So you don't need to be an expert on the Middle East to know how an Israeli jet fighter blowing that up would go over with Muslims through out the world. And that's not even talking about all the radical leftist nut jobs around here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I pretty much would have to barricade myself in my apartment from those nut jobs too just like Will Smith did in "I Am Legend".


  1. ...Okay. So I've written about three things and erased all of them so I won't get into trouble, so we'll go with my geek/nerd sci-fi stuff. Love the posting, as always Dave. You know I adore you when you get political.

    You know what is funny about that analogy, is that in the end of the story, "I Am Legend" the protagonist is the monster, the scary one, the scourge of the new society of vampire/zombies that has become the new "norm". He is the "Legend", the nightmare.

  2. thanks, well i think you may be in the minority as far as the people who follow this blog go. and if you like this one wait until part II comes out in the next day or two :)

  3. I always thought Kobra as one of DC's more interesting villains, that and a more human take on Brother Blood... Hopefully if the SS do reform, he's one of the dudes on the payroll.