Sunday, November 21, 2010

The members of the Squad, drawn together part 1

In all the years I've been drawing and painting I've done all kinds of scenes and characters from my favorite comic book and sci-fi genres. But I've never done anything of the Suicide Squad for what ever reason. But with the weather being so shitty today I decided to just stay in most of the day and with all this Suicide Squad buzz going around I got motivated to start sketching something. Ya know i gotta tell it's not until you sit down and draft something you have pictured in your brain do you realize how hard it would be to be a comic book artist. Truly these people are so talented to be able to do just that day after day drawing everything from crazy action scenes to to simple scenes like two people having a conversation in an office. Either way they always have to find innovative techniques and angles to make their drawings look interesting and dynamic. It's gotta be tough, especially those days where you just can't seem to get on paper the way you want a scene or figure you have visualized in your head. Anyways, it took me a few hours to draft this drawing which is about 12 inches wide. Can you imagine having to do a 22 page comic? I'll probably tweak it a bit and then go over certain parts with a fine point graphic pen. Then I'll be ready to lay down the water colors but I wanted to share this with you all while it is at this stage. My next posting will have the finished product which I hope will inspire some of you out there to do something of your own that in turn you may want to have posted here too. You can left click on the image to enlarge it.


  1. :) I love it! It is incredibly hard to draw those characters. I especially love your Bronze Tiger. Craaazy man.

    But...where's Boomerang in his original horrible outifit?

  2. It's great.
    Amanda Waller looks tough. I wouldn't mess with her.

    That Cap. Boomerang is Owen right? I liked his run substituting his father, but indeed I like Digger best.

    And that old outfit WAS horrid. I'm glad he had a fashion upgrade. He looks great now.

  3. Great work. I wish I could get motivated to do some myself. Any plans to add color? Keep up the good work.

  4. Yeah that's what I thought Random - Captain Boomerang's old airplane stewardess number was deserving of a bullet itself - it was like if the dude was going to step out in that then he had to have the balls to join the squad.

    Bronze Tiger is my fav too - look forward to the water colours!

  5. sorry, didn't see that comment about the water colors in your post the first time. My bad.

  6. @ Dan. Ha! You're right! He did look kind of like a stewardess! I never made that leap before, but you are on the money there. Right down to the swirly scarf. ;)