Monday, November 1, 2010

Belated Suicide Squad Halloween Special!

When one of the coolest people you've ever met in the social arena of the blogging world sends you a funny ass photo of their "costume" that has to do with some thing we can all relate to no matter what country we come from you gotta do something funny in turn. It's a Dan's World is one of the coolest blog sites out there when it comes to all things comic book, sci-fi and fantasy adventure related. Rather your more of a DC or Marvel, Star Wars or Star Trek, G.I.Joe or Transformers kinda nerd IADW has got something for all of you. IADW is packed with original art from up coming talent as well as both new and retro art from professionals in the industry, updates for highly anticipated projects, informative articles, video links and more which Dan updates on a DAILY basis. I don't know where he finds time for all this every week but God Bless em (even though I'm not religious) cause it makes for one awesome blog site to visit every single day. IADW is definite proof that there are cool people in New Zealand even if they do talk kinda funny and may have some difficulty understanding what kind of burger a quarter pounder at McDonalds is. Just get a load of this top 10 count down of IADW's comic book queens. Gee whiz guess who won?

Although he didn't send me a cool Halloween costume photo another note worthy blog is Siskoids Blog of Geekery. Hands down Siskoid does the best comic book reviews I've seen out there by mixing my kind of sarcastic humor with insightful and intelligent commentary. Siskoid reviews of pivotal Suicide Squad issues are so cool that they'll have any Squad fan out there singing O Canada in French before they know it.

And later this week we'll look at why characters like Jack Bauer (24) and Vic Mackey (The Shield) could learn a thing or two from a guy who was risking life and limb for his country years before those shows ever hit the air waves, Rick Flag.


  1. Jeez that dude looks dodgy - still he's employee of the month so it can't all be bad news!

    Thanks for the kind words on IADW - Glad you like what you see, and it doesn't come across as the random mess it is before it flows out my two typing fingers and onto the inter web.

    Speaking of the Q.P you can vote whether you like that more than the Big Mac at (Maccas is what most of us call McD's). True not many folk here could tell ya' what a quarter of a pound relates to but that's just because we're waiting on you folk to get with the pro-gram and metres. :D

    Cheers again David - great blog!

  2. i'm sure Siskoid, my neighbor to the north would agree with you on that whole metric system none sense ;)

  3. O Canada was WRITTEN in French, so that's the only way to sing it, really. The English version is a pretty bad translation.

    As for the metric system, we use it for some stuff, and not for others. Still use pounds, especially for human and food weights. Still measure tallness with feet and inches (and a lot of craftsmen still use the Imperial system for building etc.).

    However, distances, speeds, volume and temperature are all hardwired into our brains in Metric. (And for math, it's a lot more intuitive anyway.) Maybe the rest will follow within a generation or two, though I can't imagine describing myself as 1 meter 80 tall or 42 kilos (not sure about any of that by the way).

  4. ok from now on Siskoid your my official go to guy on all things Canadian.

  5. Well I do have 39 years experience.

  6. My official guys for all things Canandian have always been those dudes from Strange Brew.